Grey Olltwit's Santa Simulator

Grey Olltwit's Santa Simulator 2.5

This is a fun mouse controlled Christmas game, useful for hand/eye coordination
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This is a fun mouse controlled Christmas game, useful for hand/eye co-ordination and reaction times.
You should use the control panel handle in the bottom right of the screen to move Santa's sleigh up and down. You need to move up to avoid the occasional skyscraper and down to try and avoid the turbulence caused by passing clouds.

The speed is increased in each level but if you wish you can increase or decrease the speed by clicking the "+" or "-" buttons either side of the speedometer in the top dashboard panel. To drop the presents click the right mouse button or click the present release button in the bottom right control panel.

You score points for presents that hit the small red chimney targets and you lose points for misses. Damage costs for buildings is shown for fun in the left hand top panel display. Each level has a set number of presents to deliver and each level is a little more tricky than the last. The number of levels is unlimited i.e. as many as you can manage. There is a high score table which you can be added to if your score is high enough to appear in the table.

Also you can use the top menu to turn off the Sound and/or Music by clicking the Play Sounds and/or Play Music selections.

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